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About Beau Geste Yorkshire Terrier
     My love for Yorkshire Terriers goes back to the time seventeen years ago when my son brought me, tucked in his pocket, a 12-week old Yorkie puppy that was going to be euthanized because of a broken leg. 
    We saved the puppy and my love for the breed grew more each day, which prompted me to buy another puppy of a better quality, with show potential. 
    Well, that was difficult, as reputable breeders with show quality puppies do not give them up so easily, especially to someone who has never shown and with no experience.
    However, through a handler friend of mine I was able to find a reputable breeder in Iowa who agreed to sell me a puppy bitch with show potential.  We named her "Melody Isadora Pompadour".  She got pointed but did not quite make it to her championship.  She was good enough to breed, however, and we did.
    My breeding is done a very limited scale.  The puppies are raised in the house in a family atmosphere.  They do not leave the house before 12 weeks of age, when they have received a minimum of two inoculations and are wormed.  Puppy pets are sold on a neutered/spayed contract as well as limited registration.  Buyers receive an AKC litter registration, a pedigree, and written information on feeding and care of the puppies.  Buyers also get our veterinarian's phone number, but also have the right to take the puppy to a veterinarian within 24 hours of the purchase.
     Yorkshire terrier weight ranges between 3 and 11 pounds, the ideal being between 5 and 7 pounds.  "Teacup" or "Standard" sizes do not exist in this breed and legitimate breeders do not use such terms in their advertising.
     Yorkies are small dogs with great qualities.  They are affectionate, devoted, and great fun.  They are easy to take care of with the appropriate grooming routine.  They are all born black and tan.  The true color develops between three and eighteen months.  They are wonderful travelers and are ideal for apartment living.  We occasionally have adult Yorkies for sale to approved homes.